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Butt In Chair

It's been more than a month since that little pen-name issue. It was painful at first, life-changing and empowering second, and now? Well, it's more like that Simpsons Monorail Episode. I'd like to just never think of it again.

Of course, that's not going to happen. It was a part of my life. I have to acknowledge it. But I've also happily moved on.

However, unlike the moirayoung blog, I haven't been posting a lot.

I wouldn't say that I'm avoiding blogging, per se, just that I'm trying to prioritize:

  • I would really like to be published.

  • If want to be published in the traditional way, I need an agent.

  • If I want an agent, I need to write a sellable book.

  • If I want to sell my book, I have to finish it.

    More than a year after completing the first draft of my WIP, SIGN OF THE STAR, I am still working on rewrites. I am so very close right now, despite things like the terrible MS episode I suffered this past summer. Among other things ... but I'll spare you the laundry list.

    Thankfully, this year hasn't been all high drama and health issues. One shining light through everything has been a writing website I frequent: Magical Words.

    It's a group blog of published fantasy authors who write about everything under the sun that has to do with the craft — from a fantasy angle, of course. Here every day but Sundays (for now), an author posts. Every day, I learn something new, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

    The best part? The authors interact with commenters and further the learning process.

    I've said it elsewhere, but I'll say it again: visiting this website feels like I'm taking an advanced, ongoing course in how to write better. The authors at MW are the writing professors I wish I'd had.

    In late December (well, early January, because once you factor in shipping to Canada, that's when I got my copy), they took their work a step farther and released a book: How To Write Magical Words. It chronicles a selection of all of the blog posts written over the last three years.

    This book is awesome. I've been studying it like a textbook, and having fun throughout. I'm learning even more.

    But one of the best sections of the book, and a running theme of the blog in general, is this: Butt In Chair.

    Which gets me to my final bullet point:

  • If I am going to finish this book, I need to plunk my butt in front of the computer and actually write it.

    So that's where I've been this past month and a half: writing.

    Well, and hanging out at Magical Words, of course.
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    While we must work hard to resist the distractions that are all around us, you are so right,the only way to write a novel is to sit and write it. May your butt stay glued to the chair until you are finished. :)
    Thanks, Laura! I'm working on it. (Sorry for the exceptionally late reply.)
    I like your list -- very nicely prioritized. And the butt in chair point is one we too often like to pretend doesn't exist. I hope your revisions are going well. Thanks for the link... I'm off to check it out. :)

    Better late than never ... I hope you've enjoyed it!