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The Power of Perspective

So I haven't been around for awhile. And with good reason: as I mentioned back in February, I've been clocking quite a bit of Butt-In-Chair time. Last night it paid off, because I finished!

Sort of.

I'm feeling a bit edgy about the word "finished" because it sounds like I'm done. I'm not; I have three double-spaced pages of things to go back and fix. But what it does mean is that I wrote the ending. I know how the story ends now, which means I can stop, look back at the path I carved, see what needs fixing, and fix it properly.

I'm reminded quite strongly of Mary Frances Zambreno's Journeyman Wizard: there's a scene where the main character, Jermyn, is learning how to craft spells and doesn't quite know what he's doing wrong. Only when he takes a step back and sees the whole spell is he able to pick out his errors. That is exactly how I feel right now.

The rewrite of this piece has taken longer than I wanted, but it's been this weird mix of tearing apart and reworking the existing prose, and rewriting new material. It was too long: the original story was too big to fit into a single novel, which meant I had to split it into three. It was also too short: in telling the original story, I was so focused on getting to the end that I glossed over important details, enriching description, and key subplot points. It had to stand alone: that meant crafting and inserting a new villain and a proper climax into this first part.

Last night I wrote the ending. Now I have that power of perspective. Now I can go back and fix things, knowing how I want the story to look. And while I am over the moon about having finally reached that milestone, I've got to get back to work. Hopefully not *too* much work, but we'll see.

Of course, that's not all I've been doing lately. I don't mean this to sound like an afterthought, but I was recently one of five winners of an SF microfiction contest held by AE: the Canadian Science Fiction Review. You can download and view the winning stories here. Yes, I've been a terrible blogger. But I have been writing.


Congratulations on reaching that milestone! It sounds like not blogging has been very worthwhile for you. Even with more editing to come, it's a great accomplishment to develop a story from beginning to end... and such a wonderful feeling when you reach that point.

Congrats, too, on the SF contest win. That's awesome!! :)